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How My Cocos managed to increase its imports 20 times with

Managing all of her imports caused her too much stress, she needed someone to help her or a solution to whom she could delegate this job.

My Cocos origin story

My Cocos is a chilean originated business that has expanded through Latin American markets, they primarily sell male personal care products. They specialize in razor machines, but not the common ones for facial hair, but the all-body ones. Dakota Miranda, 25 year old entrepreneur, has been working for over 3 years within the e-commerce industry. This Startup started only 2 years ago, and they have managed to become one of the most popular machines in the razor market. Nowadays their products can be seen in almost all of chileans big retailers.

Value proposition

The idea started by realizing that in foreign markets these products were extremely popular and there wasn't a company that offered them properly in Chile. The main goal was to offer a good solution and deliver the best possible shopping experience. The name “ My Cocos” was a key decision, the disruptive name and double sense joke allowed a much higher interaction for instagram posts.

At the beginning it was hard for My cocos to start with imports. The lack of information generated fear and uncertainty, they didn't know how to manage product departure from customs, how to handle tariffs or simply didn't know what to do after they ordered products overseas. KLogs relationship with My Cocos started after Dakota assisted at a logistics event, where companies offered their services. Dakota considered Klogs business proposition attractive, they trusted in KLogs solutions and therefore trusted Klog with their import process.
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"We trust in KLog, it allows us to not worry, and shift responsibility to them. There is nothing to manage, they do everything and it helps us relax after we arrange itineraries with our suppliers. You just sit and wait".

Dakota Miranda, co-founder of My Cocos

My Cocos accomplished to reduce their cost and multiply their imported units by 20 once they started working with

Before starting with Klog, My cocos imported their goods through aerial transport. They realized that this method had more setbacks than it had advantages. The prices were very high and although products arrived relatively fast, it wasn't that necessary if there was good logistics behind international freight transportation. KLog introduced My cocos to maritime transportation and their first order was 500 units, just to test the market reaction. Once this method started generating profit, they decided to bring up to 11 thousand units in one shipment. Profiting around 140 million Chilean pesos a month.

Nowadays this company prefers to import their goods by maritime transport, through LCL, meaning consolidated cargo to save money and shift budget share to their value proposition. For example offering free door to door delivery.

Startups value more having available stock and avoiding stock break, than choosing lower prices in boarding cargo. When they outsell their stock they choose to quickly bring products through air transport so clients receive their product on time.

KLog delivers a personalized and supportive service that joins companies through all of their logistics processes. Dakota comments that she has developed a beautiful relationship with her sales executive. They have been working together since the very beginning and KLogs rapid responses and solutions made a huge impact. “There is no more stress or anxiety over when our products will arrive. This was one of my greatest fears when i started with international commerce”, comment.

What the co-founder values ​​most is the closeness that exists between KLog and people. “They are creating a closeness through social networks, building their community, educating, delivering valuable content because many people who do not know anything about imports, containers, differences between Incoterms and other things, read their publications and manage to understand more about the item. Having that valuable content that other companies do not have is one of the most admirable things about KLog”, concludes Dakota.

Three main features

Track & Trace

This is one of the most valued tools for My Cocos. Real time trace and tracking of their shipments on a SKU level and through an interactive global map, is exactly what they’ve been looking for. For Dakota it adds dynamic to the import process and it is a differentiating factor between KLog and other freight forwarders.

Documental repository

To access in real time to the documentation of their cargo (Packing List) has enormously contributed to deliver this information to their warehouses, so they can arrange how much space is needed and when the units will arrive.

Predictive analytics

To know estimated arrival dates is a key factor in Dakotas user experience. Thanks to this tool she can plan her inventory with anticipation , know if she has a chance to run out of stock and assure clients when their products will arrive.

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