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Digital freight forwarder

The main logtech in Latin America started when the industry was completely analog. We identified the inefficiencies, so we digitized the process through talent and technology.

The main logtech in Latin America

Our purpose

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To simplify the experience for importers and exporters.


Value proposition

Boost efficiency for importers and exporters through a unifying, integrable & reliable platform.



Our logo tells the evolution of our brand, representing the transition from analog (orange) to digital (light blue).

Did you know that we are a bootstrap company?

It means that we are a self-financed company. Learn more about the beginnings, how the business idea emerged, the motivations and challenges faced 10 years ago.

Changing the logistics ecosystem


years of experience






team members programs


Talent program

Encompasses initiatives that seek to provide opportunities and improve the quality of life of current or potential members of the organization.


Donation program

Encompasses solidarity actions of the company that have been carried out since 2012, to different people and organizations that move through the KLog ecosystem.


Learning program

Encompasses initiatives that contribute to the education of the community regarding the logistics and international transportation industry, business culture and digital transformation.

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Committed to purpose and constant improvement

Highly trained professionals in charge of directing, managing, and coordinating their areas with great leadership, always maintaining the AFIRE culture.

Janan Knust
Founder & CEO
Álvaro Serrano
Anthony Asp
Fernando Varetto
Gabriel Gurovich
Igal Meirovich
Isaac Cañas
CEO | Mexico
Mariela Ramos
Head of Marketing & Communications
Carolina Valdebenito
HR Manager

A story of growth and resilience

This production seeks to capture the evolution of Only by being aware of all the progress we have made, can we understand our own identity, where we come from and the reason for where we are going.

+200 talents throughout Latin America

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