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We digitize all your shipments

Innovative leader in the digitization of international cargo transportation, optimizing processes and costs for more than 4,500 clients while creating a simple experience.

Logtech solution

We solve your logistics from the beginning to the end

Instant booking of shipments

We move your box, pallet or container through sea, air and land routes. We also provide additional services to unify your experience.

We provide tools that transparently show the data of the logistics process, such as rates, itineraries and the updated status of all of your shipments and purchase orders.

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Manage in due time

Track your shipments in real-time and centralize your operations and documentation in the same 100% online platform.

We integrate with you and your suppliers to deliver traceability at SKU level. Our algorithms will tell you what has been shipped and what has not.

Track & Trace KLog Platform

Optimize your operations

 We process the information of all your shipments to generate advanced reports and actionable intelligence.

 We give you updated information about the status of your operations through alerts and notifications, allowing you to act in a timely manner.

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Operational reliability

Our digital platform provides a safe exchange of information and documentation.


Scalable integrations

We integrate with your Purchase Order (PO), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Customs Platforms and many others.


First-class support

Logistics sometimes surprises you, that's why you have several teams that support you at all times with your shipments and promote the good use of the KLog's digital platform.

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