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Centralize all the information

Find all the information and documentation of your operations, data which is kept online forever and accessible 24/7.

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Take timely action

Our platform includes a counter indexed to the different shipping companies that allows access to all the cargo information, including the free days available to return the container, allowing you to act on time.

Track & Trace KLog Platform

Manage in due time

Track your shipments in real-time. We provide updated information on the status of your operations through alerts and notifications.

Track & Trace KLog Platform

Optimize your operations

We process the information of all your shipments so that you can have a panoramic view of all your movements and generate advanced personalized reports and actionable intelligence.

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Achieve more efficient management by dealing with multiple freight forwarders

Start adding ongoing shipments that you have arranged with your other freight forwarders. For this, you only have to fill in basic details.

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All of this, and much more!


Manage your invoices

Enjoy a global view of your invoices in a centralized and organized report. You can download your invoices directly in PDF format and review the associated shipment with just one click.

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Have order and clarity

Forget about wasting time searching for a file! You can store all the documents involved in each of your shipments. Your information is kept organized and updated in real time.

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Share your shipments

You will be able to personalize and share your shipment information with whoever you want without having to have a registered user. This way, your entire team can be informed and follow up.


Manage, in one place, all your logistics operationst

Combine all the essential tools for organizing your shipments in a single place, regardless of the agent with whom you manage them. You only have to make a shipment with KLog to access this our platform at no additional cost.


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Operational reliability

Our digital platform provides a safe exchange of information and documentation.

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Scalable integrations

We integrate with your Purchase Order (PO), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Customs Platforms and many others.

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First-class support

Logistics sometimes surprises you, that's why you have several teams that support you at all times with your shipments, promoting the good use of KLog's digital platform.

How ACCO Brands modernized its imports, leaving manual processes behind thanks to KLog.co

Implementation of the KLog.co digital platform as SaaS to optimize work times and imports, obtaining higher data quality.

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