Freight forwarding with technology

KLog Services

Main services

Maritime services
  • Imports and exports FCL & LCL
  • General cargo
  • Refeer cargo FCL
  • Break Bulk cargo
  • Port to port
  • Door to door
  • Pick up at origin / delivery at destination
Aerial services
  • Import & export
Terrestrial services
  • FTL & LTL imports and exports
  • Coordination of all implied logistic services alongside with required documentation

All of the above can be managed in one place

Our platform has been designed to be a fully customized control center for cost efficiency and time savings in freight transportation.

Transparent and easy to choose the best rate and itinerary for your freight movement.

Keep the necessary documentation in order and on time at each stage.

Delivers real-time visibility of updates regarding each shipment.

KLog Platform
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Additional services

freight insurance
Freight insurance

From the moment that we take care of your cargo to we deliver it at destination, we make sure to protect your goods in case of any incidents.

Customs managment
To ensure that all your documents are on time and valid as they pass through customs.
dangerous cargo
Dangerous cargo managment

Not all cargo is the same. Depending on the type of goods you choose, there's a specific type of vehicle that is better suited to it. Some goods require differentiated and specialized manipulation, taking precautions to eliminate any risk or accidents.

local transport
Local transport service
To mobilize your cargo at destiny with us. Only includes delivery in urban Santiago radius.
Complete your process with an integral warehouse service. We have a distribution and warehousing center in Santiago, just minutes away from highways that connect directly with both the airport and San Antonio port.

More than 4.500 customers have shipped with us

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