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Imports and exports

Freight forwarding with technology

Servicios KLog

Main services



  • Imports and exports FCL & LCL
  • General cargo
  • Refeer cargo FCL
  • Break Bulk cargo
  • Port to port
  • Door to door
  • Pick up at origin / delivery at destination




  • FTL & LTL imports and exports
  • Coordination of all implied logistic services alongside with required documentation


  • Imports and exports
  • Rail/ramp
  • Rail/truck

All of the above can be managed in one place

Our platform has been designed to be a fully customized control center for cost efficiency and time savings in freight transportation.

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KLog Platform

Additional services



Complete your process with an integral warehouse service. We have a distribution and warehousing center in Santiago.


freight insurance

Freight insurance

From the moment that we become responsible for your cargo until its arrival to the destination, we make sure to protect your goods in case of any incidents.


Customs managment

To ensure that all your documents are on time and valid as they pass through customs.
dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo managment

Dangerous cargo must be handled appropriately to eliminate risks of damage or accidents.

local transport

Local transport service

To mobilize your cargo at destination with us. Includes delivery in urban Santiago only.

Financial product

Postponement of payment to international suppliers with Xepelin. Subject to client evaluation.

What do we do as a freight forwarder?

We take care of your logistics process from start to finish, advising on solutions tailored to your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer? is a freight forwarder that manages international cargo transportation by sea, air and land, along with a variety of additional services such as shipment insurance, customs agency, warehousing and local transportation. All this managed from a digital platform designed to be a fully customized control center.

How can I contract a service?

To quote a shipment with us you can do it by filling out the form located here or directly in Book & Pay, our online quotation service that allows you to complete a transaction in three simple steps, which you can find on our home page.

Quote our service here.

Do you have a supplier search service?

At the moment we do not offer a supplier search service. Once you have it managed, you can book your shipment and we will be in charge of the logistics.

What kind of shipments can I import or export?

You can import or export general shipments, refeer and breakbulk, in consolidated freight mode, which means loose cargo grouped with other people's shipments in order to fill a container, and also in full container loads.

Do you handle dangerous shipments?

Dangerous shipments can be managed. It requires proper and differentiated handling, taking the necessary precautions to eliminate the risk of damage or accidents.

Do I need to have a company to hire your services?

To import is not necessary, since you can also do it as a natural person. To export, you do need to have initiated activities as an exporter and be registered with your company's business ID or expand the line of business that you already have at the tax administration of the country.

How technology impacts exports

Our export manager, Pablo Novoa, tells us about his career in the field and how technology contributes to a better experience in export logistics processes.

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