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Programa de Semilleros
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Semilleros Internship Program

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What's the program about?

KLog's version of the process of professional internships and/or first experiences in the working world. It is a visionary way of giving talents the possibility of becoming who they want to be professionally, through company resources, for their training and development.

The company believes in effort and passion over knowledge, since they are convinced that if you have the attitude and disposition, everything can be learned.

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Program benefits

  6 months of internship and preference to fill a position after the period

  Intensive training by leaders using the company's resources

  Introduction and in-depth understanding of the logistics industry in the context of one of LATAM's most disruptive companies

  Access to the company's activities such as trips, events, active breaks, functional training and yoga, to name a few

  Possibility of moving to another area within the company after the end of the internship

A robust culture focused on talent and technology

The last few years have been one of exponential growth and significant challenges. Get a deeper look into our talent development programs and other initiatives to unleash your maximum potential.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Semilleros Internship Program?

It's a's version of the process of internships and/or first experiences in the working world, a visionary way to give talents the possibility to become who they seek and dream to be in their professional life.

How was the Semilleros Internship Programme born?

With the purpose of training and developing young professionals, the Semilleros Internship Programme was launched in 2014. The company believes in effort and passion over knowledge, because they are convinced that if you have the attitude and willingness, everything can be learned. 

What is the duration of the Semilleros Internship Programme?

The program has a duration of 6 months

What are the benefits of the Semilleros Internship Programme?

Being part of our program will allow you to assume important responsibilities in the company while you train with industry experts. You will receive support to start your career with a focus on training and continuous learning, in addition to having the opportunity to work in an environment where union prevails and enjoy the comfortable spaces of the office.

Where does it take place?

The program is being offered in  Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

How can I apply?

Once you have reviewed the available vacancies, you can apply through this form, through which the People & Culture department will contact you.

In which areas can I apply?
The Semilleros Internship Programme is available for all areas of the company, so it depends on the vacancies available at the time of application. You can check them on this page.
What does the application process consist of?

The application process begins when the candidate applies for a vacancy. Once the form is received, the applicant is contacted and the interview process begins with members of to get to know the candidate and make a decision.

What will happen after the Semilleros Internship Programme ends?

At the end of the Semilleros Internship Programme, a performance test will be applied to evaluate knowledge, performance and AFIRE. If the candidate passes the evaluation, he/she will be prepared to obtain a permanent position in the company.

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