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How Beautystore Chile with the help of KLog.co managed to reduce 30% of costs to its customers

Heidi needed a logistic provider for her import process who could assist and facilitate concepts through simple use of words.

About Beautystore Chile

BeautyStore Chile is a 5 year old business that sells Korean cosmetics used in professional manicure and facial care. The physical store is located in Providencia (Santiago), but most of their sales are made online. Today Heidi Lopez is the founder and manager of BeautyStore Chile, but 10 years ago she worked in Customer service in a local drugstore. It was there where she realized that clients were seeking for personal and facial skin care products. These products were hard to get in Chile, but their demand grew rapidly through the years. Heidi decided to take advantage of her knowledge in cosmetics to bring these high quality products to the Chilean market.

Most of her imports were brought directly from Korea and the U.S. This allowed her to have access to lower prices and bring a greater variety of products. She could import these products immediately without having to wait several months for their arrival. The Beauty Industry is a very dynamic one, having peak products available for the public when they are trending is key to establish significant positioning in consumers mind and becoming a major cosmetic store in chilean market.

First experience

Her first import with KLog.co was worth 5000 USD in one pallet. From the beginning until today Heidi says “ KLog has brought to me the best experience in the process of imports. They have taught me all the necessary concepts that I didn't know before working with them. I don't need to look for another Freight Forwarder” . First, she started with small volumes but then she realized that her business had a chance to prosper, so she started bringing bigger volumes of cargo. She started with just one pallet, nowadays her operations exceed 40 pallets a month.

Covid-19 effects

Many businesses bankrupted during the pandemic, or suffered a shortage of supplies.Heidi did the contrary. She brought even more products in order to sustain full stock, even though it meant to buy these products at a higher price. As we know, demand didn’t stop during the pandemic allowing businesses like BeautyStore to gain higher market share and multiply their sales up to 3 times, reducing 30% of their costs for clients thanks to negotiation with suppliers abroad. According to Heidi this happened because she anticipated market trends to research in Amazon and consolidated by that her online demand. Her dream is to establish a consulting and distribution company in the U.S. that helps small businesses in Chile and fully compromise through her online sales (her main distribution channel).


“KLog.co solves all of my possible problems through their immediate response. What has been more important in all of this process is that they handle the needed information on time. I Don't have to imagine where my shipment will arrive. It's all consolidated in Klogs platform where I can access real time information and updates, this allows me to know exactly when my products will arrive in Chile. This calms me and reduces anxiety, because i can primarily focus on my business and it has helped me to gain confidence with my clients; they know I can deliver on the established dates.

Heidi López, CEO of Beautystore Chile

Beautystore Chile delega su movimiento de carga completamente en KLog.co

For Beautystore Chile, KLog has been fundamental in their brand development. They made the first step and imported their products without knowing any of the processes implied. The digital platform has simplified the process of bringing products from abroad.

Immediate response from her sales executive, together with key information displayed on our platform, has contributed to resolve doubts and gain visibility of documentation and information of her shipments.

Three main features

Perspective analytics

Through KLogs platform all necessary information of her cargo movements are displayed accurately . Knowing the arrival time of her products has allowed Heidi to organize correctly and also communicate the arrival to her major clients, it also has prevented stock breaks, ultimately it has increased customer trust in Beautystore Chile.

Track & Trace

This tool has allowed Heidi to access real time information of her shipments through an interactive map that shows the geophysical location point of her cargo. It's also integrated with over 13 shipping companies so the information displayed originates directly from its source.

Quote and itinerary search

To know the real final price to pay has been a fundamental point in Hedis' experience with KLog.co. Thanks to this tool she can anticipate and choose different routes and arrival times. It allows her to know her costs before any major commercial decision .

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