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What is SaaS and how to take advantage of it in a company?


Traditionally, companies paid for applications that allowed information to be saved only on the same electronic device without being able to view it from others and only one user could access it. Some programs even had to be purchased in physical stores, such as on a floppy disk, and then manually installed on a computer.

Currently this continues to exist, but another type of software called SaaS emerged that has been more successful, since the storage of data is not concentrated in one place, most of them allow interacting with more people in the same files and having more access to information, and also came to replace the analog service, allowing to replace the repetitive manual tasks performed by human beings to offer a technological option.

According to Arsys, a company that offers Internet solutions such as domains, emails, web pages and online stores, at the end of 2021, 99% of organizations used one or more SaaS solutions, with increasing growth.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have generated that machines can present similar capacities as human beings, such as reasoning, learning, creativity and the ability to plan, due to the constant development of techniques that help computers learn. This has allowed SaaS to evolve, improving the use of data, going through greater automation and even personalizing services.


What is Saas?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way of making technological solutions available to users by storing data in the cloud, therefore, the same person can see it from different technological devices. It allows planning business resources, and the use of a program is contracted that allows covering a need and the possibility of remote access to the entire infrastructure of the organization, connecting to applications hosted online by accessing through the Internet.

Users create individual accounts and the applications do not run on their own computer, but online access is offered and can be quite useful in a company. The actions are collaborative, that is, it is not necessary to give the software to another person so that they can edit it. There may be extra costs, depending on the service, and for this reason you pay for what you consume. There are different platforms to store data, which also have cybersecurity.

Advantages of SaaS

This service has valuable advantages that can benefit companies and individuals to make their day-to-day more efficient, allowing greater control of work.


Does not require installation

These services do not require installation or prior configuration, nor do you have to worry about using space on your computer, as is often the case with some traditional applications. All you have to do is create an account.



Access to SaaS applications is compatible with all types of devices, the only thing these electronic devices must have is an Internet connection, allowing access from any place and device without losing the data entered.


Teamwork is more efficient

It is easier to work as a team through a SaaS service, since users can access files and data at the same time, since they are stored in the cloud, as long as they are connected to the Internet. There is no worry of acquiring paid software for each collaborator of the team nor will the files be going around with multiple versions between different people.


Does not require constant updates by the user

The updates, error corrections and maintenance tasks of this type of service are carried out for the most part without interruptions for the user, and the provider is the one in charge of carrying it out. These softwares also improve over time, so after purchasing it you can still access new features or optimized tools.



In case you need more storage space or additional services, you can request directly from the provider without having to install another application or software, saving time and money.


Data security and privacy

Currently, data has become one of the most important assets in organizations in such a way that they are involved in different threats, so they must be kept secure. For this, there are providers to protect the information in an adequate way. The most common are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Azure which have built-in security controls, data is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves the protected premises, and there are additional layers of encryption as well.


Companies that have had success with SaaS

According to the book “Cloud Security Market with Covid-19 Analysis by Security Type, Application, Service Model, Organization Size, Vertical and Region-Global Forecast to 2026”, the SaaS market is currently growing by 18% each year.

More and more companies are offering their software as a service, in fact there are famous companies that have been successful in offering their software satisfying different needs, from basic applications to complex enterprise resource planning packages. Here we present them:


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office offers the OneDrive service to save documents, photos and other files in the cloud, being able to share them with multiple users and also collaborate on content.


This is a messaging application, available on the web, generally used in companies, which allows you to replace email to communicate with the work team. This service stores information in the cloud allowing all users to access the same files from anywhere.


It is a cross-platform cloud file hosting service. It allows users to store and synchronize files online, being able to open them from anywhere on the Internet.

Google Drive

This service offers complete storage of text documents, presentations, data tables, among others, which are stored in the cloud, allowing these files to be opened from any electronic device that has an Internet connection.


With this service and email in general, the user logs into their account over the Internet, often from a web browser. The email software is located on the service provider's network, where the messages are also stored. Then you can access from any device that is connected to the internet to the same mail created.


SaaS at KLog.co

At KLog.co one of our services is our platform as SaaS, that is, you can only use the software to centralize your operations. It has become a fully customized control center to streamline costs and save time in cargo transportation, not only for operations with KLog but even some clients include their shipments from other shippers. This allows you to have a panoramic view of all imports and exports, allowing greater organization, data and complete visibility when it comes to managing operations. The platform has traceability at the SKU level and management of purchase orders, knowing what was shipped and what was not.


By offering the platform as SaaS, we focus on operational reliability and cybersecurity. Our data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), a software offered by Amazon to store internal information, databases, application services, among others.


We present you the new way of living international cargo transport

KLog.co is the leading technology company for international cargo transportation in Latin America, which through its digital solution has managed to provide complete visibility and control of the import and export process for companies of all sizes.

Through KLog's intuitive digital platform, all the steps to bring or send a container are merged. Users gain full manageability and visibility of cargo transportation. They can book integrated logistics services online, track real-time, and measure shipment performance to optimize future shipments.

KLog.co today has more than 4,000 clients with operations throughout the Latin American region and hundreds of agents around the world. Their offices are located in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico and they are in the process of opening offices in Colombia and Panama.

Learn more at KLog.co








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