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Learn how to prevent import penalties at customs


Importing can seem intimidating at first. The requirements to do so can be overwhelming, and some of the language used is difficult to understand for those who are just starting out in this world. Because of these factors, importers can make mistakes that could lead to penalties for legal problems, especially at customs.
Knowing and respecting all the rules will help to have an efficient process and avoid possible delays. On the other hand, not doing enough research and committing carelessness when importing could lead to unexpected fines. To avoid being affected by these consequences, in this article we tell you what penalties exist and how you can avoid them.

Offenses that you could commit at Customs

Making mistakes due to lack of information or even distraction is something that can happen. Unfortunately, this fact does not serve as a justification when importing. Making mistakes when following customs regulations and requirements can lead importers to be fined or prosecuted for violations of the law. Here we inform you about two types of offenses you could commit.

Delivery of inaccurate information

One of the most common mistakes that can be made is related to the delivery of erroneous information at the time of submitting the documentation. One of these documents is the Packing List, where data such as weight, value, class or species must be reported with special attention. Errors in these data can lead to fines of different amounts depending on the difference between the information provided and the actual measurements of the cargo. 

Failure to inform yourself about import regulations

Failure to be informed about the items allowed to be imported and the special authorizations required for some products may lead to more serious penalties. Among these goods are firearms, explosives, food, agricultural products, among others. This kind of mistakes can lead to being charged with the crime of smuggling, which has as aggravating factors the omission and malicious mistakes.

Penalties you may receive at customs

Each infraction will have a different fine depending on the error made and the tax affected. Depending on the difference between the merchandise data delivered, such as weight, quantity or volume, and the resulting evasion, the penalty received will have a higher or lower value that must be paid in Unidades Tributarias Mensuales, which corresponds to an amount of money that is updated according to the Consumer Price Index.

It is important to mention that fines are not the only type of punishment that may be received. In cases in which errors and malicious omissions are detected, the importer will be accused of smuggling, being in some cases penalized with a sum that if not paid, will become a prison sentence. If the infraction committed becomes very serious, the sanction received will be dictated in court. recommendations to prevent penalties

Having a freight forwarder such as has become indispensable to ensure that the documentation and processes are in the right conditions to complete the import successfully, due to the advice and complete accompaniment. 

KLog offers the service of Customs Brokers so that importers can facilitate their customs process. By hiring a Customs Broker, the burden of documentation and declarations would become the responsibility of someone who has the necessary knowledge to achieve a process without errors and complications that turn the import into a problem, instead of an opportunity.

Even so, the first step to undertake a challenge such as importing is to know all the processes. In we recommend to be informed of all regulations, prohibitions and requirements to save time and resources according to the needs of each importer. Taking advantage of the files available on the Chilean National Customs Service website is a good option to obtain sufficient information to be able to carry out the import process correctly and effectively.

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