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What is a logistics company


Logistics, in the modern era, is the gear that keeps international trade and the global economy moving. However, they are not usually visible to all consumers; in fact, they act as intermediaries between consumers and companies, performing tasks that are just as important, if not more important, than those that market products directly.

In this blog, we will explain what logistics is and how companies take ownership of this process to optimize the supply chain to the maximum.

What is logistics management?

Logistics management encompasses the entire process from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. This involves the transportation, shipping, receiving, storage and management of goods and products, thus coordinating all the elements involved in an integrated manner to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Not all companies can afford their own network of facilities to do this, so the option of outsourcing logistics companies - such as KLog.co - is a very viable solution.

Types of logistics companies and their functions

Simply put, a logistics company is an essential facilitator in the process of moving products from point of origin to final destination. These companies specialize in the efficient management of the supply chain, thus encompassing a variety of services that go beyond the simple transportation of goods. Here are the types of companies that exist:


The primary function of this type of company is to ensure the supply of goods, i.e., to assemble the products that will be subsequently distributed.

Once acquired, inventory tasks must be performed, which consist of identifying each item in order to understand its characteristics and determine where it will be stored prior to transportation..


This company is in charge of cargo storage, which involves storing the products until they are sold and need to be distributed. However, this procedure must be carried out under specific conditions to avoid any degradation of the item.

Pick & Pack

Picking" means selecting the products to be shipped in the order, followed by "packing", which consists of packing and preparing the order in an optimal way for transportation and distribution. Both tasks are performed by these companies after the sale of one or more stored products has been completed. At this point, the order handling process begins.

Freight Forwarder

This activity refers to the movement of goods, which must be shipped in their prepared state from the warehouse to the customer. This phase is a crucial part of logistics, and is carried out by means of delivery routes that enable the simultaneous delivery of several orders, thus optimizing the costs associated with the process.

Last mile

It is part of the goods distribution procedure, focusing specifically on the final stage when the order is about to reach its destination. Its relevance lies in the impact it has on the consumer's shopping experience, as it plays a crucial role in determining the level of customer satisfaction.

Introducing the new way to experience international freight forwarding

KLog.co is the leading technology company for international freight forwarding in Latin America, which through its digital platform has managed to deliver complete visibility and control of the import and export process for companies of all sizes and industries.

Through its innovative software it is possible to merge all the steps of the supply chain, having full management capacity and visibility of the transportation of goods, even if you have movements with other freight forwarders. Due to these technological solutions you can have a fully customized control center, centralizing all shipments and optimizing the supply chain. 

Today, KLog.co supports customers with operations throughout the region, with hundreds of agents around the world. Currently, its offices are located in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico, and are constantly working to continue expanding.

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