Three important agents involved in maritime traffic


The ecosystem of the logistics world

When one enters the world of logistics, whether providing services or being a client, it is essential to know how the work ecosystem works so that everything, literally everything, reaches the port. In this sense, it is essential to distinguish and know what is the work of all those who participate in the delivery of a service that, finally, will allow the transfer, internment and export of cargo with full security in compliance with the stipulated times.

Here we present three of the main links that allow the proper functioning of the logistics chain and whose functions and differences must be known.

It should be noted that the importance of knowing how your internal policies and contributions to cargo and distribution objectives work can make a big difference, to make the import and export of products a successful logistics process with the least possible risks.

The three relevant actors

Shipping company

They are responsible for providing the freight service. They focus on selling all the spaces on the ship and have their own team (ie container and ship).


They consolidate cargo, gather small retail merchandise from different consignees to fill a full container. They also contact the shipping company to reserve space on the ship. Subsequently, they rent with a new rate to the forwarders to consolidate the cargo.


It acts as an intermediary between the client who hires it and the transport and logistics services. Negotiate rates with shipping companies or coloaders, depending on the type of cargo, FCL or LCL. It also coordinates customs clearance procedures, including the preparation of documents, shipping arrangements, storage, delivery and customs clearance.

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