The benefits of importing


More and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of expanding their businesses by looking for suppliers abroad. The existence of digital tools such as have managed to democratize the industry, providing several benefits for those who dare to venture into international trade. In this article we discuss 10 benefits that imports bring.

Live from import

Looking to get a little extra cash? Having an online store from imported products can become your third, second or even first source of income.


Take advantage of the e-commerce boom

Many projects were born thanks to the current e-commerce boom, which exploded last year due to the unexpected pandemic. For all those who have had the idea floating around in their heads for a while, this is the time to materialize that project since commerce has never been so democratized and selling online is becoming easier, with a wide range of sites that offer templates for a digital store.


Be your own boss

Another important benefit generated by venturing to undertake importing is that it gives you the possibility of becoming your own boss, with the freedom to work where you want and when you want. Many dream of not having to report to anyone, now all they need is a computer, (not many) resources, the desire to do it and dare to innovate in the market.

Introduce new products to the market

Today's consumer is always hungry for news, so introducing new products that solve everyday problems can be the key to the business to create new trends in the local market.

PRO TIP: Look for things that are fashionable in other countries, and run to bring them before anyone else!


Reduce costs

For those who already have a business and need to reduce costs, importing can be a great solution. It is only enough to quote the supplies that each business requires in other countries and it is surprising what can be saved by importing them, thus improving the profit margin of the business. 


Have an excuse to travel!

The world of international logistics and foreign trade is an excellent excuse to travel and discover new places, because although technology facilitates international commercial transactions without leaving the computer, it is always good to get to know the supplier and verify the quality of the processes first. person.

Visit fairs in search of suppliers and products like the ones that appear in this link.


Experience acquired in a global environment

It is recommended to participate in international meetings that bring together suppliers and buyers if what is sought is to expand the network of contacts for foreign trade. These meetings, in addition to generating networking spaces, are transformed into experience gained on the global environment, which helps to discover new ways of working and relating with people from other cultures.


Positively impact your image and prestige

The world has never been so open to the exchange of culture and goods/services. German quality vehicles? Or, Italian quality clothing? We've all heard it! Enjoy the prestige and quality of international manufacturers and improve your product portfolio.


Variety of providers

There is a huge variety of suppliers in other countries with different prices and quality standards for the same category of products, so it is worth taking a look outside the local borders. You will be surprised by the diversity on offer!

PRO TIP: Take a look at Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant and one of the main platforms for wholesale imports from China.

Learn how to identify the best manufacturers or marketers on Alibaba in this post.


Learn the language of international trade

We are not talking about English or Chinese, but about the concepts that abound in the field. Learning the language of international trade is not a complex task, in fact, it can be very simple if you get the right advice from experts in the field. Digital platforms such as facilitate processes by making importation possible even if there is no optimal handling of terms, permits, certificates and processes in general.

If the aforementioned benefits appeal to you, then it's time to venture into importing!


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