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importación aérea

Imports can be made by land, sea or air. There are important factors to know about the latter that could help you make the decision on which option is best for your cargo.


Benefits of importing by plane

Importing is easier when you know the process and the advantages of each existing transport, such as air or sea. Therefore, it is important to make the right decision, depending on what is best for your merchandise. This depends on factors such as rates, itineraries and the type of cargo. What are the benefits of bringing your products by plane?


It's less late

An airplane takes much less time than a ship to reach its destination. While a ship can take weeks or months to bring your merchandise, the plane can take less than 24 hours. Therefore, if you need your cargo to arrive quickly, for example because you have a stock out and you need to replace it, or the merchandise is perishable, or it is an urgent spare part to continue your work, this route is for you. This was precisely what happened during the critical months of the pandemic, medical supplies and hospital machinery were running out so quickly that it was necessary to import more into the country more quickly.


Provides greater security

Bringing your cargo by plane is safer. While by boat there are unlikely to be any inconveniences, by plane it is even less so. The cargo goes more safely to its destination because it is handled less in the short time it takes to travel, which practically ensures that it will arrive in optimal conditions.


More number of flights

In Chile, as there is a lot of movement of planes, the opening of national and international trade, and the arrival of several airlines, greater fluidity, more supply, and greater options for moving merchandise are generated.


When is it better to choose air transport?

When importing, it is important that you make the best decisions regarding your cargo. To do this, you must know the reasons that could help you decide if you want to do it by air or sea.


High value items

First of all, you need to look at your cargo. Due to factors of capacity, weight and security, air transport is limited in the type of merchandise that can be transported. For example, air transport is widely used and recommended for high-value products, which can bear a higher price for freight. Common examples of this are technology, medical supplies and machinery for hospitals, spare parts for mining and agriculture, automobile parts, among others, which have a sale price that allows a high rate to be paid.


Speed of the journey

On the other hand, if you need your cargo to reach its destination quickly, because you don't have enough time to wait for a ship, air freight could be a good option for you. During the critical months of the pandemic, the planes mostly transported medical supplies and machinery for hospitals, due to the high demand that existed in the country at that time.


Geographic spread

Thirdly, air transport covers a larger geographical territory to be able to deliver cargo, thanks to the enormous network of airports that allows for a greater number of markets. An airplane can reach more places than a ship.


What documents and knowledge do I need to import by air?

In order to import, it is necessary to comply with the necessary documentation to be successful in the process. In case of not having one of the documents, the import could be stopped and not reach its destination.

The necessary documents are:


Boarding document (Air Waybill)

This reflects the existence of a contract and grants rights over the load. And it also serves as proof of receipt of goods by the international transport company.

Commercial Invoice

Indicates the value and detail of the load, supplier and client of the import.

Certificate of insurance indicating the amount of the premium (if any)

If insurance was contracted, which serves to insure the cargo in case there were risks on the trip, the document must be attached to prove its coverage.

Certificate of origin

It is a document that certifies the origin of the merchandise, serves to benefit from trade agreements and thus reduce costs, such as the ad-valorem tax.

Phytosanitary certificate (if necessary)

The phytosanitary certificate is issued, if necessary, by the Agricultural and Livestock Service and certifies that the load is not risky for the national territory. It certifies that the forest products have been inspected and meet the requirements to be accepted.

Packing List  

This document accredits and details the merchandise that is loaded in the transport.

Special mandate (granted by the importer to the Customs Agent)

Finally, this document grants power to the Customs Agent to act on behalf of a third party before customs.

If you do not comply with delivering the necessary documents to carry out an import or export, you may not receive your merchandise on time. In addition, you must have knowledge about what you can and cannot import, in case your products are classified as dangerous goods.


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