KLog.co teams up with Tive to provide visibility at the supply chain endpoints

EThis alliance allows KLog.co to provide its customers with end-to-end visibility of shipments in real time. 

It is no news that technology is becoming more and more indispensable to meet the needs of those who transport cargo around the world. Long ago we stopped talking only about logistics, now we are talking about logtech. It is for this reason that KLog.co, the leading technology company for international freight forwarding, aims to change the logistics ecosystem through technological innovation, and for this, it has different solutions capable of digitizing supply chain processes. One of them is the digital platform capable of optimizing the process of imports or exports, allowing to centralize all shipments in one place, organize the documents of each operation, provide real-time visibility of operations, among other features.

That is why Tive, a company that seeks to provide transparency and visibility solutions by delivering critical information about the location and status of shipments through its top sensors in real time, such as condition on temperature, light, humidity, hits and other characteristics, choose in Latin America Werner Knust as its representative in Chile, who has over 40 years in the logistics industry specializing in business, imports and exports, which together with his knowledge and expertise, joins this alliance between KLog.co, digital pioneers in the logistics industry, and Tive to innovate again with technology. 

"Tive's real-time solution centralizes all shipment data, offering greater security and control to customers by having an overview but accurate view of the location of their shipments by accessing better data and information, to minimize lost sales due to damaged or delayed merchandise," explains Werner Knust. 

By partnering with Tive, KLog.co will offer its customers to acquire and stream cargo data in real time and with greater accuracy. Not only does it achieve a more accurate location on the cargo, but it also has different sensors that operate with all spectrums of coverage in wifi, telephone and satellite waves. Via its hyper-accurate condition monitoring and location trackers, it enables companies to monitor inventory throughout the shipment, meet quality and compliance requirements, and improve customer satisfaction. It lasts for more than 100 days and has a global coverage of 95% with more than 400 networks on the Planet, which will allow to unite the ends of the supply chain on the same platform. In addition, Tive Solo 5G trackers are also available with a non-lithium battery to support green initiatives.

According to statistics collected with data from KLog, one of the features that customers value most is real-time tracking. It is for this reason that this alliance was created, to deliver this technological solution, becoming one of the first freight forwarders in Latin America to be able to track maritime shipments in real time at the container level. 

Janan Knust, founder and CEO of KLog.co, refers to this alliance: "With Tive we will be able to deliver greater security. This traceability became more accurate, allowing us to receive alerts and notifications in case of problems, generate reports and analysis capable of identifying opportunities for improvement so that our customers can make better decisions based on data". 

Tive currently has a digital application supported in the cloud through which they offer all these solutions, such as monitoring inventory throughout the transport, providing greater visibility of cargo, and all the information needed to control operations, allowing KLog.co direct access to all the data. In this way, the freight forwarder will assure its customers that they will have access to all the data and information they need to improve the supply chain, meet quality requirements, prevent delays and damage to cargo, and deliver the best experience to their customers in the movement of international cargo.

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