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Frequently asked questions

What is Book & Pay?

Book & Pay is the first and only tool in the world that allows you to effectively close the transaction of an international freight transport and additional logistics services for the movement of merchandise, all 100% online and without the need for intermediaries. 

Why was this tool created?

The founder & CEO of, Janan Knnust, points out: "The experience is created to facilitate the entry of entrepreneurs into the world of imports so that they can start or enhance their businesses with all the advantages of bringing products from abroad. That's why we designed it with simple steps, simulating the mechanism of buying a plane ticket on an airline's website. The point of departure and arrival of the merchandise is entered, in addition to the date on which it is ready to be shipped, the type of cargo and its dimensions, in order to then choose the most convenient rate and other integrated logistics services. This way, if it's the first time that I want to import, the process is much more friendly and does not require me to be an expert in the subject to be able to have an idea of ​​how much I will spend on my first cargo movement”.

Who is Book & Pay created for?

The tool is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, since its focus is the transport of cargo of a few cubic meters, that is, a fraction of the space of a container. When it comes to larger businesses, it is necessary to have an advisor and we recommend filling out the form located on the  contact page.

How does the payment part work?

You must pay 20% for the initial reservation and 15 days prior to the estimated date of arrival, the remaining 80% will be charged.

What information must I provide?

Book & Pay allows its use without the need to register, accelerating the quotation process to ship cargo and import it to national port. It is only enough to enter the cubic meters, or containers of any type that you want to import and complete the basic data of the trip, so that the platform displays the itinerary options, additional services and the total cost of the operation. Payment is made instantly in Chilean pesos or dollars, and can be made with credit cards or bank transfer. Once the monetary transaction has been carried out, must the personal data and the supplier's data be entered to finalize the order.

What do those who have shipped with KLog have to say? 


Over 10 years of experience

We are Latin America's main technological company dedicated to international freight transport and logistic services.

By continuous development of an intuitive online platform we have achieved to deliver visibility and control in the import and export process for businesses of all sizes, and offering them a reliable and excellence service.



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Services available

Maritime services
  • Imports and exports FCL & LCL.
  • General cargo
  • Reefer cargo FCL
  • Break Bulk cargo
Freight insurance

From the moment that we take care of your cargo to we deliver it at destination, make sure to protect your goods in case of any incidents.

Local transport service

To mobilize your cargo at destiny with us. Only includes delivery in urban Santiago radius.

Customs managment

To ensure that all your documents are on time and valid as they pass through customs.

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