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Distribution and warehousing center

We offer a wide range of logistics solutions that will optimize your business.

Plataforma KLog

Complement your process with a comprehensive warehousing service

  Inventory management.

  Unitary revision.

  Online stock visibility.

  B2B management.

  KPI reports.

  Distribution Santiago - Regions.

  Selective Type Rack Storage.



  Cross Docking.


Valor agregado

We have developed a Value-Added Service (VAS)

  Labeling, Price Labeling, Repack, Security Sensor, B2B Scheduling, Pre-distribution, Department Stores, Insert warranty, Packaging, Customized and flexible solutions.

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"Our installations allow us to ensure a smooth transition of your cargo during every stage of the shipment cycle. This goes hand in hand with an excellent customer service and our customized and flexible solutions".

- Fabián Gómez | General Manager of KWarehousing


Key features

  Strategic location in Santiago, near the main ports.

  Surface of 2.100m².

  Racks for 2.400 placements.

  5 platforms for loading and unloading.

  Standard and 120x100cm pallets with a height of 140cm.

  Racks of selective type, with 6 levels of height that support 750kg of load per pallet position.

  24/7 security, CCTV and central monitoring and controlled access and alarm.


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